Stonehenge Seeks Druidical Liaison

The proprietors of Stonehenge are seeking a General Manager whose duties will include "Liaising with Druid Leaders". According to the Daily Telegraph's  report, the General Manager's duties will include "..maintaining relations with Druid leaders such as King Arthur Pendragon..". 

In a February 2013 exclusive interview with Transceltic, the eminent Celtic historian Peter Breresford Ellis comments on the modern Duidical movement. " Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams, 1747-1846) can be acknowledged as a founder of neo-Druidism, as well as launching the Gorsedd (Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain) in 1792."

The modern Druidical movement, viewed askance by some Celtic Scholars and Academics, is a force in the preservation, protection and preservation of Celtic culture.  From the renewed used of “Happy Beltane” greetings amongst the neo pagan communities to the simple fact that the word Druid is becoming a more common term in the lexicon of electronic media.  Transceltic have begun a series of articles on the Druids starting with a feature on May 22, 2103.  This series will conclude with an article on the modern Druidical movement.

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