Manx Wildlife Trust - Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin go batty about bats!

The Manx Wildlife Trust (Manx: Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin) are holding a 'Celebrate Wild about Gardens Week' from the 24 to 30 October 2016. This year they have announced they are celebrating it by going batty about bats! The Trust have organised bat-themed activities on how to support bats and other wildlife in your garden. More information on the programme for the week can be found on the Manx Wildlife Trust website.

Manx Wildlife Trust - Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin are a fully independent Manx charity which is the leading nature conservation charity in the Isle of Man (Manx: Mannin), caring for land, sea and fresh water environments. One of their main aims is to acquire and manage nature reserves and safe sites for wildlife, conserving some of the best habitats and species on the island. They are an important force in protecting and promoting wildlife and wild places in the Isle of Man.

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