Faeries Battle on The Isle of Man

Transceltic have been notified by anonymous sources on the Isle of Man who report a disturbance north of Kirk Michael on the island’s North West coast. The unrest seems to be concentrated in an area of wetlands called Ballaugh Curraghs. 

Unconfirmed reports are that a renegade band of Irish trooping Faeries, blown off course when caught in a gale off of Donegal‘s Malin Head (Cionn Mhalanna) in Ireland's far north, have made an  unwelcome landing on  the Manx coast. 

Unsubstantiated reports indicate that the Little People of Man, disturbed and alarmed by the incursion,  have launched ferocious attacks on the Irish trooping Band from their stronghold on Snaefell .  Complaints from highland farmers of nearby Snaefell, the Isle of Man’s tallest mountain, have reported a terrific din which seems to move up and down Snaefell receding in the direction of the wetlands at Ballaugh Curraghs.   There have been confused accounts from property owners adjacent to the Curraghs of what some are interpreting as an opening to the Otherworld over the wetlands generating never before seen arcs of light, all being attributed to the conflict.  It is commonly believed that openings to the Celtic Otherworld occur over water.

Transceltic have assigned resources to investigate the situation and will be issuing a series of reports.

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