The arrogance of the Manx government points to the need for non-violent direct action

Quite rightly Manx people are very cynical about their elected representatives. Not least because once elected they undertake actions for which they have no mandate and they fail to represent those that voted for them. Over the years there have been some notable exceptions, however, the feeling is that MHK's (members of the Manx parliament) are above all self serving rather than servants of the public. There have been so many examples of this over the years that thinking of them can induce nausea. 

The present administration, just like the one before, are failing in their duty to protect the interests of the Manx nation and it's people. When the people object they are fed platitudes and false claims. Occasionally they are thrown the bone of a bogus public consultation. Where the government purport to ask Manx people's opinion then promptly ignore the results. So much so that people are reluctant to partake in these so called consultations. It makes you suspect that that is the aim, so that the government can point to a lack of response and throw up their hands in false frustration. In return people are being fed a diet of pay freezes, increased utility charges, means testing, prescription charges, the removal of work permits that protected the conditions of Manx workers and a whole series of other stealth charges. 

The Manx government is not even up to the job of protecting Manx territorial rights as seen by their failure to challenge the UK government over the issue of Manx territorial waters. In terms of culture and heritage items that rightly belong to the Manx nation, such as the The Chronicles of the Kings of Mann and the Isles (a medieval Latin manuscript relating the early history of the Isle of Man), is held captive in the British Library in London without a murmur from the Manx government. In regard to broadcasting the Island's people are also forced to pay a fee to a foreign broadcaster (BBC) and the government facilitates those collecting this unjust and unnecessary tax with threats of fines that could result in prison. Not to mention other drains on the Manx taxpayer, such as the money payed for the useless, but expensive, post of Lieutenant Governor the Queen's representative on the Isle of Man. On issues of the environment planning decisions are being made that destroy places of environmental importance on the Isle of Man. There are numerous other examples.

People did not vote for representatives that would work to destroy this Island, its culture and impoverish Manx people. If that's what some of these MHK's think then they had better think again and Manx people are entitled to undertake non-violent direct action to protect the Isle of Man, themseves and their families. Within any society there is a right for people and even a necessity to undertake non violent direct action. Most campaigns for social change in the world would not have succeeded without this form of action. Such as those seeking the right to vote, women's suffrage, civil rights, environmental protection, protection of animals, improvement of working conditions and many other issues. So those MHK's that squeal in horror when Manx people resort to non violent direct action would be better off looking to their own conscience and serve this Island and its people rather than themselves. 

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