Stovies is the common Scottish dish with ingredients that vary but which are based on core components of potatoes and onions in combination with leftovers from a main course of Roast Beef or Lamb. The potatoes and onions are cooked in the drippings with seasonings added to taste. Another way to prepare the potatoes and onions is to boil separately before adding to the main dish. The other "leftover" ingredients are then added to the potatoes and onions and stewed. The simplicity of this dish allows the cook to improvise based on what is left over from the "Sunday Dinner". For example, sprouts or turnips can be added as these vegetables typically makeup part of the leftovers from the Sunday Roast.  

  • Left over Roast Beef or Lamb
  • Potatoes and Sliced Onions
  • Additional  vegetables can be added
  • Drippings from Meat Roast (stock can be added)
  • Seasoning

Stew on the stove until the desired consistency and taste is reached.


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