Castleknock Castle

These are the remains of an early thirteenth century Norman Castle now located on a hill in the grounds of a Castleknock College. The remains of the original keep and part of the bailey wall can be seen. It is surrounded on the north and west by deep defensive ditches and earthen ramparts. The hill on which it is built has in Irish legend importance long before the building of the castle when it was known as Cnucha, after the foster mother of Conn. In the mid nineteenth century workmen accidently uncovered a Pagan grave (Cromlech) when digging within the castle, which out of ignorance was destroyed. The description of the Cromlech fits with the burial place of people of importance in Pagan times.

Getting there

The site is located in the grounds of Castleknock College which is close to the village of Castleknock in Fingal. The village is just inside the Dublin ringroad M50 and is bordered to the east by Pheonix Park. There are rail and bus links to the village.

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