Great Orme -y Gogarth Copper Mines

This is an important site containing copper mines dating to the Bronze Age. Located on the north coast of Wales just west of the town of Llandudno stands the limestone headland of y Gogarth (English: the Great Orme). It is a nature reserve, rich in fauna and flora with significant and rare species of plants. The ancient mines were found in 1987 when a landscaping operation was being undertaken. This archaeological find caused not only the history of Great Orme to be re-evaluated but also the civilisation and structure of society of the people who had inhabited this land some 4,000 years ago. Its significance cannot be underestimated. Excavations revealed that there were extensive mining activities dating back 4000 years to the Bronze Age. It is the largest prehistoric mine found in the world to date.

There is an entry fee into the mines which are well worth visiting. Guided tours are available but it is mainly a self-guided tour. You can get a real feel for the conditions of those who worked the mines so many centuries ago. At the information centre of the Great Ormes Ancient Mines an exhibition and film describes the history of the mine workings and the importance of copper at the time. The Copper Age brought the Stone Age to an end. Along the way information is provided and you have the opportunity to explore some of the tunnels and caverns underground. This is a fascinating place to visit and not to be missed.

Great Orme Ancient Mines Model Bronze Age Village
Great Orme Ancient Mines. Tunnel down into the mines
Great Orme Ancient Mines. Copper ore.
Great Orme Ancient Mines. Information within the mine tunnels
Great Orme Ancient Mines. Chamber in mines.
Great Orme Ancient Mines. Open cast section.

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