Isle of Man: "Manx Song Chosen to Represent Isle of Man at Pan Celtic Festival"

All competitors and judge David Kilgallon

An appreciative audience gathered at the Masonic Hall in Peel, Isle of Man/Mannin, to hear the entries for this year’s Arrane son Mannin (Song for Mann) which included an evening of free entertainment of music and song provided by a cross section of the Island’s traditional music performers.

Edge of The Celtic World - 150th Anniversary of the Welsh Speaking Enclave of Patagonia

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding in 1865 of Y Wladfa, the Welsh speaking colony in the Chabut Valley area of the southern Argentine region of Patagonia. The story of the founding of this colony revolves around the fascinating figure Michael Daniel Jones who many consider to be one of the founders of modern Welsh Nationalism.  Jones was the leader of a movement to found a haven for the Welsh language and culture to escape the consequences of the rape of Wales by English industrialists during the early 1800's heyday of the industrial revolution.

Barrule – Making Celtic Connections in Glasgow

Barrule band

Attending the world music trade fair WOMEX last October paid dividends for Manx traditional music trio Barrule when they secured a highly coveted gig at the annual Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, which specialises in folk, roots and world music.

Held over an eighteen day period at numerous venues in the Scottish city, this is a much sought after engagement and an important opportunity to raise awareness of Manx music globally with many other festival organisers, who use Celtic Connections as a template for booking artists for their own events.

Isle of Man: "Help Manx Trio Barrule in Their Quest to Win UK Music Awards"

Barrule band

Following the UK launch of Barrule’s debut eponymous album during 2013, a review of the Manx trad power trio’s compelling music was published in the popular UK music magazine Songlines, which automatically put them in the running for some of the magazine’s prestigious music awards in 2014.

Council of Europe Condemns Stormont’s Hostility to Irish Language

As reported in the Irish Times on January 16, 2014, a committee of the Council of Europe has criticised the Stormont Assembly for hostility toward the Irish language. Stormont, which currently has political control over the north east of Ireland, was accused of a “persisting hostile climate”.

“Malign influence” of English ‘Royal’ Line should not be honoured

This just in from the Celtic League Information Service:


“Malign influence” of English ‘Royal’ Line should not be honoured

The General Secretary (GS) of the Celtic League has written to Colaisde na Gàidhlig (Caelic College) of Cape Breton expressing his concern about accepting the ‘Royal’ designation from the Queen of England in a new name for the College.

UK PM Cameron Fears Debate with Scotland’s First Minister on Independence

United kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron’s reluctance to debate idependence with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond is starting to become an issue with Scotland‘s voters. In a poll commisioned by the Scottish National Party carried out by Panelbase in December 63% of people in Scotland wanted this debate. Even across the UK a majority of 56% thought a referendum debate should take place.

Remembering the Loss of Bugaled Breizh on 15 January 2004

Recent Blog items on the Transceltic website have pointed to the perils faced by those earning a living off our Celtic coastlines. It is always with great sadness that we learn of lost vessels and are reminded of the close bond that exists between our fishing communities.

Scottish Anti-Independence Campaign Begins to Divide and Falter

Divisions are again beginning to emerge in the anti-independence ‘No‘ vote campaign. The pro-union supporters have long been criticised for their very negative campaign stance. Comprising of Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and others who oppose independance the ‘Better Together‘ ‘No‘ grouping have been seen as over concentrating their efforts on adopting scaremongering tactics rather than constructive arguements in favour of keeping Scotland within the United kingdom.

Europe has Everything to Lose by Excluding Independant Scotland

Yves Gounin, ex-chief of staff of the French Minister of European Affairs, wrote in the journal Politique Étrangère, that Catalonia and Scotland should be immeditaely admitted into the European Union upon independance. His arguements come at a time of increased scaremongering by the British and Spanish Government’s as the pro-independance movements in Scotland and Catalonia gain momentum.


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