Isle of Man Stamps: The Battle of Clontarf

As Ireland prepares to celebrate the millennium of the Battle of Clontarf, Isle of Man Stamps has issued a set of six stamps to commemorate one of the most definitive battles of Irish history.

But the Isle of Man is closely linked to this event by the Vikings Bródir and Óspak, who gathered a substantial army of men in the western port of Peel before heading off to fight, taking with him a large number of Manx Vikings.

And although stories differ in the retelling, it is suspected that they were implicated in the death of Brian Boru.

Support the Reunification of Brittany Rally

The scene is set for a large rally in support of the reunification of Brittany to be held tomorrow the 19th April 2014 in Nantes. Support has poured in from cultural and political organisations throughout Brittany and also beyond with The Celtic League also expressing solidarity (see the information from their website below).

Good News for Scottish Gaelic Broadcasting

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has announced a new package of funding for Scottish Gaelic broadcasting. The additional £2.1 million pounds is being made available to MG Alba. MG Alba is the operating name for Seirbheis nam Meadhanan Gàidhlig (Gaelic Media Service) which funds Scottish Gaelic television and radio programmes in cooperation with other broadcasters. The announcement was made at the opening ceremony of MG Alba’s new headquarters in Steòrnabhagh (Stornoway) on Leòdhas (Lewis) in Scotland's Na h-Eileanan Siar (Outer Hebrides).

Cornwall Branch Celtic League expresses solidarity with Brittany!

In the face of increased demonstrations in Breizh with the spread of the grass roots 'Red Bonnets' movement, the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League - An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek have issued the following message of support:

Irish Language Protesters March in Belfast - "We Ask Only For The Legal Protection of Our Rights"

Saturday 12 April saw an estimated 5,000  to 10,000 protesters march though the streets of Belfast to demand increased protection for the ancient tongue of Ireland.  The Belfast march is a continuation of the Irish Language protests that started in Dublin on Saturday 15th February when an estimated 10,000 people marched to protect the rights of the Irish speaking community.  The Dublin march attracted people from all over Ireland.

Isle of Man Department of Education & Children's Manx Folk Awards

Organised by the Isle of Man Department of Education and Children, the annual Manx Folk Awards (Aundyr yn Kiaull Theay Vannin) were held at the Kensington Road Youth Arts Centre in Douglas at the beginning of April.

Although only in its third year in this format, the competitions, aimed at school children, have grown rapidly in popularity, encompassing Manx music, song, dance and poetry and were organised in conjunction with Culture Vannin and Manx National Heritage.

The Cornish Revival - Final Standard Written Form for the Cornish Tongue

In a watershed event for the Celtic language of Cornwall, the Cornish Language Partnership (MAGA) have announced the finalisation of the Standard Written Form (SWF) for the Cornish language.  The announcement last week that the final SWF has been adopted is the culmination of a process that dates back several years.  The initiative came from recognition that a vital component of the restoration of the Cornish tongue was a sanctioned written form of Cornish, or SWF.

"Our country, our Scotland, our independence". This is our moment Alex Salmond tells Scottish People.

In a rousing speech to the Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen, Alex Salmond Scotland’s First Minister tells Scots that "in an independent Scotland we will build a system that will be the envy of the world." With the opinion polls showing that Scotland’s voters our moving towards voting Yes to independence Alex Salmond said "make no mistake - momentum is with this campaign.  The people are coming towards us.”

Isle of Man: Celtic Festival Season Gets Underway!

The 43rd Pan Celtic Festival will cross the Irish border for the first time in its history this year as the annual celebration of all things Celtic moves to the city of Derry in Northern Ireland.

It’s a great opportunity for those from the Celtic nations to come together and celebrate the occasion through music and song, attracting a sizeable number of competitors from the Isle of Man, with the assistance of the Isle of Man Arts Council.

New UK Culture Secretary’s Hostility to Devolution is a Warning Scotland Needs to Vote Yes to Independence

After the recent expenses scandal in the UK government, the minister involved resigned. For those abroad and not aware of the issues involved, the expenses claimed by members of the United Kingdom parliament over recent years have been the focal point of public scrutiny and criminal prosecutions. Questions about the previous UK Culture Ministers expenses claims resulted in her stepping down from her position this week.


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