A warning to Spain about bullying Catalonia

The Spanish establishment are happy at the moment. They think that they have halted Catalonia's independence movement in its tracks by the use of legal manoeuvres after Spain's Constitutional Court suspended Catalonia's planned independence referendum. It acted on a request from the Spanish central government in Madrid. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told reporters: "Nobody and nothing will be allowed to break up Spain."  He is wrong and Catalonia needs to stand firm against the disgusting actions of the Spanish government.

Scottish people will know the name of Rajoy. This jumped-up would be dictator was the one who tried to intervene in Scotland's independence debate warning against Scottish independence. He was slammed down for trying to interfere in the internal affairs of another state. Spain's actions are now being closely watched by the international community and attempts to bully Catalonia will cause immeasurable damage to the reputation of Spain. As for Rajoy himself; he has already faced allegations of corruption in the past, and combined with his undemocratic actions against Catalonia, his reputation already languishes in the sewer.

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