UK scaremongering tactics fail to halt Scottish Yes campaigns momentum

This weekend has seen a massive turn out by supporters of the Yes to independence campaign. It will see 473 registered street stalls, the distribution of 2.6 million leaflets and nearly 36,000 volunteers working in all parts of Scotland. The message will be clearly focused on the positive opportunities that an independent Scotland will present to its people. 

In contrast the Westminster (UK) inspired No campaign is throwing every lie, distortion of the truth and series of false claims it can drag up. The coverage of the campaign by the London based media is absolutely atrocious. This, of course, includes the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), which has excelled itself in its continued apparent role as the voice of the UK government anti-independence campaign. Their coverage of this campaign, no matter what the result, will be very closely scrutinised. There is no doubt that the BBC has lost any credibility as a public service broadcaster.

However, there are just a few days left of campaigning and as Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's Deputy First Minister said in Glasgow today:

"The Yes campaign has been carried along by a flourishing of self-confidence among people in Scotland. This means we can say with certainty to people still making up their mind: ‘Let’s do this.’

"That momentum is still growing and will soon become unstoppable, as people reject the Downing Street-orchestrated campaign to talk Scotland down.

"David Cameron's Number 10-inspired scare stories are being knocked down one by one - people simply do not believe them."

She went on to say: "Scotland is one of the world’s richest countries – wealthier per head than the UK, France and Japan.

"The great opportunity of independence is that we’ll be able to design an economic policy tailored to our needs so that Scotland’s wealth works for the many and not just the few.

"More and more people are waking up to the opportunities of Yes which is why momentum is with this campaign.

"We'll have the job-creating powers we need to provide more opportunity for young people and with control of our finances we can protect our NHS from the fall-out from Tory privatisation at Westminster.

"Today thousands of Yes supporters from communities across Scotland will be running the biggest campaign day of action Scotland's ever seen."

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