Scottish National Party “rejects concerted effort to foster division”

The Scottish National Party has condemned efforts by anti-independence campaigners to foster division ahead of Scotland’s referendum vote. SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP who is half-German and was born in Wimbledon, London said: 

“At all levels of politics, the SNP is represented by those either born in England or with strong connections to England. “Throughout this campaign there seems to have been a deliberate attempt from some to try and paint the referendum as being about identity. We reject that wholeheartedly.”

All of this comes after recent opinion polls put support for Yes to independence at 47% when the undecided are pressed on how they would vote tomorrow. There can be no doubt that from now until the referendum is held on 18 September we will see a concerted campaign of dis-information from the anti-independence camp and their media allies. This is likely to become increasingly desperate given their lack luster tactic of negative campaigning so far, which has come under increased criticism even from their own supporters.


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