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22 November 2016

Today's protest outside the Liskeard Constituency Office of Sherryl Murray MP.

It is a very rare occasion indeed that people in Cornwall stand outside an MPs office and protest about that sitting MP. 

Organised by a group of individuals at short notice, we suggest that although the number was relatively small, the massive social and mainstream media expressions of disgust at this MP added to this little demonstration should act as a clear warning to Cornwall's MPs.

These MPs MUST listen to the people and stop playing silly political games in distant and out of touch Westminster.

Sherryl Murray MP has told utterly blatant lies to their parliament and has disgraced herself. She has upset the Cornish people over Devonwall and now the poor disabled folks as well. Instead of listening and trying to understand, her action has been to block social media followers which has aggravated matters further! Even other of their MPs have publicly condemned this. Labour MP Andrew Gwynne in initiating a hashtag #BlockedBySheryll caused something which many recognised and which has gone viral.

Scroll to 2:25, then listen to what Sherryl Murray said back in 2010:

'We will fight to preserve this boundary and we will fight on and on to make sure that the border between our historic Duchy and the rest of the United Kingdom is protected. Let's make sure that we send that clear message out today.' Sherryl Murray

Now the very same person on Friday 18th November, 2016 

Social media has been flooded with complaints about this MP.

These are just a few examples:

I hope it goes well. I know she was sent objections about Devonwall because I know people who sent them and she never replied. She lied to parliament. Filibustering a bill on disabled rights is disgraceful.

She must have blocked half of Cornwall by now! There seem to be new "I'm blocked!" messages coming through every minute!

Comment posted on Sherryl Murrays FB page which will no doubt be deleted... I am a former Conservative donor via my business... I cannot believe your behaviour in Fridays debate the report of which has gone viral... You claim to be Cornish with one breath and speak treachery with the next... You have created division where none was needed you have let down your constituents insofar that I would suggest 400 letters on any matter is highly significant yet you dismiss them with contempt... No doubt you will block me and delete this comment however I put it to you in the strongest possible terms that you have signed your own P45 as a member of Parliament by your actions... The campaign against you is barely off the ground so brace yourself for a very bumpy ride you may be about to learn a long overdue lesson about people power that you will never forget.

More comment here:

and here:

Please remember that we at KMTU do not welcome or condone any threatening material. That said, frustrated and disempowered people are blunt on social media and never before have we witnessed such anger aimed at an MP in Cornwall and we strongly recommend that all Cornwall's MPs look to their Cornish homeland and its people first and place them above personal political ambitions, Londoncentric political parties and a Westminster Parliament which more and more are coming to despise.

To see Cornwall mentioned in such a way by the Daily Mirror in targetting Sherryl Murray MP as in the attached newspaper cutting is a huge surprise.

Complaint about Sherryl Murray MP

We are informed that a complaint is currently being prepared about Sheryll Murray MP under clause IV of the Code of Conduct for MPs.

Mrs. Murray has blocked a number of constituents on Facebook and Twitter which goes against the general principles of Accountability and Openness of which she is required to observe.

If you have been blocked by Sheryll Murray on either Facebook or Twitter and would like to add your name to the complaint please contact Charles Boney on


Formal complaint of alleged discriminatory and racist behaviour against the Cornish made against Christopher Skidmore MP

We have received a letter personally signed by Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police informing me that our members' complaint against Christopher Skidmore MP which caused us to send a formal report to the Commissioner has been formally recorded  under reference number 2016110000345 and is to be actively investigated by the Metropolitan Police Special Enquiry Team, Specialist Crime and Operations.

Kernow kensa ha dhe hes! Kernow bys vyken!

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan , Samuel & MarkElected Members of the KMTU Steering Group


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