Message to the BBC and other London based media - we are very proud about supporting and voting Yes to Scotish independence

The BBC and other London based media are sinking to new levels of vindictiveness. Not being satisfied with having shown disgusting bias against the Yes campaign throughout the Scottish referendum. They now take it further by trying to disparage anyone who voted Yes especially identified high profile supporters. The latest target has been Tennis player Andy Murray who was challenged for having supported independence on  a twitter message he sent. Well done Andy - you should be, and I'm sure are, very proud of your stance and it is, of course, your right to support a cause in which you believe.

As for the BBC and others attempting to try and undermine those that voted Yes. Here is some news for you. Over 45% of the Scottish electorate voted yes despite your best efforts. In Glasgow, Scotland's biggest City, a majority of the population 53.49% voted Yes. Although even more voted Yes in Dundee City - 57.35%. There were 1,617,989 people across the country who voted for independence. The BBC and other London based media also need to be aware that over the course of this campaign there has been a huge surge in the membership of pro-independence parties, including the SNP and Greens. Our day will come and yours as the mouthpiece of the British establishment will go!

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