Manx schools donated books about 'What Is Humanism? How do you live without god?'

A group of humanists,atheists and agnostics on the Isle of Man (Manx: Mannin) has donated copies of the book 'What is Humanism? How do you live without god?' to Manx schools. The first of its kind it is aimed at the new curriculum for upper primary and lower secondary school children. The book examines how humanists respond to fundamental questions about morals and ethics, the origins of life, religion and the state. It looks at how people without belief in God live moral and fulfilled lives, with respect for humankind and the universe? 

The Manx group Isle of Man Freethinkers has delivered copes to every school on the island for use by teachers and children. A thought-provoking approach the book argues that people can have morality without religion. They stress the importance of children appreciating humanism as well as studying the religions of the world. At the same time they hope that the book will encourage readers to think about the big questions and seek out some answers for themselves.

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