Mannin: ‘Social Cohesian’ As Long As You Do What Allan Says!


“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

The Chief Minister of the Isle of Man has often cited the need for ‘social cohesion’ on the Island particularly as it goes through the change agenda that government adopted some years ago after the VAT return from the UK was downsized.

However, at an award ceremony last night he apparently let his guard drop with an attack on those that oppose the governments change agenda. They were he apparently said ‘naysayers’. The message is clear what government is doing is good - any opposition is bad.

It’s difficult in a democratic society (or what passes for one) to silence opposition.

However, there is no party system in Mann so politically, given the patronage system whereby MHK/MLCs line their pockets via positions granted by the Chief Minister on government Departments or Quangos, there’s no opposition in Tynwald.

The media are also fairly sewn up and despite the bleating of some in the broadcast media some days ago most weeks on the radio news in the Isle of Man it is wall to wall ‘Bell & Co’.

As for the newspapers well they were hosting the awards that Bell chose to use to launch his diatribe – enough said!

There is really only one vehicle left and it is a powerful one (and growing more powerful) that’s social media, forums, blogs etc. The government just hate them!

It is to be hoped that social media will become more vocal, strident and open in the months and years ahead. Also, hopefully that what Bell described as the ‘naysayers’ will become more tech savvy – I’m looking at ideas with a group of colleagues at present. This happened in Scotland during the referendum campaign when animated cartoons and video presentations joined the more general line up of forums and blogs. It can happen here as well – if the government are uncomfortable now ‘they ain’t seen nothing yet’!

Allan Bell chose his audience well last night his statement about detractors and ‘naysayers’ will have been well received amongst the black tie and party frock brigade. The Island is at present being run for these parasites and they are riding high on the hog. The rest of us are a distraction an inconvenience an annoyance why won’t we just shut up and pay up, for our increased gas, electricity and to use the toilet!

There’s a paradox in Bells more public utterances and his stance last night. The real people who want social cohesion are the vast bulk of hard working people in the Isle of Man Sadly the people Bell chose to address last night are the sort who prosper when there is social division they want a them and us society as long as they are ‘them’!

Allan Bell IS SO WRONG a society where dissent is not tolerated is on the slippery slope to madness. Hundreds of years ago the great scholar Leonardo da Vinci said;

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”

I think I would prefer to take my marker from him than our Chief Minister!

So don’t be silent! Speak out and challenge this government of taxes, charges and misery!


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