Latest News On The Celtic Nations In The Rugby World Cup 2015

Congratulations to Wales and Ireland who have qualified for the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup 2015. The top international teams contest the Rugby World Cup every four years. The three Celtic nations participating are Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Scotland must win their game against Samoa next Saturday to ensure qualification for the quarter-finals. Meanwhile England, the hosts of this years competition, crashed out after being defeated by Australia. England are the first World Cup hosts to fail to make it out of the group stages. 

Those reliant on British broadcasters for coverage of the event will at least be relieved to get some more balanced coverage now that England will not qualify. The media in Great Britain (for Great Britain read Greater England) is well known for its pro-English bias, with little mention of its Celtic neighbours. They are also famous for describing Scottish and Welsh sportsmen and women as British when they win something, but make sure they call them Welsh and Scottish if they lose!

The Rugby World Cup 2015 will culminate in the Final which will be played on Saturday October 31. Fixtures can be seen on the official site of Rugby World Cup


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