Isle of Man - Jersey Goes Down The Toilet, So Will We, But Ours Will Be Taxed

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The fact that a UK ‘National’ newspaper woke up to the fact that the Crown Dependencies exist was exercising the media today.

Jersey it seems is going down the toilet fast and there is a far chance the Isle of Man will follow. Of course people from the business community will be wheeled out to say that we have ‘strengths’ that Jersey does not have. Politicians will say we have been diversifying the economy for years etc.

However the reasons everyone from Allan Bell, Phillip Gawne and Laurence Skelly have been screaming 'growth' and dipping into our reserves is that they know the Isle of Man is heading for the edge of the economic cliff if not already balanced on it.

As for that £50 million (which I feel sure is just the start of their kleptomania) what’s the one thing you don’t do when the cupboard is bare. You don’t take the housekeeping money down to the bookies!

This lot are desperate. Bells outburst at the 'Awards for Excellence' attacking those domestically that criticise would have been better focused on the UK for stealing back a sizeable proportion of the VAT returns.

However in truth the UK have probably done the Island a favour because it has hastened the point at which people realise that the Isle of Man is on its own and that thirty years of electing governments of opportunist and wide boys has led us not to a ‘caring and prosperous society but a ‘bankrupt and broken’ society.

Now don’t be under any illusion that as real suffering (which has already started) is inflicted on many of the population this burden is going to be evenly spread it is not!

We are not all in this together some including the political ‘Arthur Daley’s’ have already prepared their golden parachutes. In addition some in the Chamber of Conmen when they have got their hands on a sizeable chunk of the EDF will be off!

It’s you who are going to suffer as the Isle of Man follows Jersey down the plughole the only difference here will be this particular toilet we are flushed down will have Alf Cannan at the door as the lavatory attendant (pic) trying to tax us to the end!

What’s to be done! Well as Mec Vannin succinctly put it (see their site) stop playing by the governments rules – you don’t need anyone to organise you – organise yourself - and be awkward, obstructive indeed do anything that you think will obstruct this system of robber barons!


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