Islamic State Terrorist Atrocities In Brussels Condemned

The attacks on the Belgian capital of Brussels by IS (Islamic State) leaving over 31 dead and 271 wounded have come just four months after the same group carried out bombings and shootings in Paris that killed 129 people. Our sympathy goes out to all of the victims of this terrorist outrage in Brussels and their families. Those who have perpetrated these crimes are very warped and evil people who belong to what can only be described as a disgusting cult. Let us also remember at this time all of the victims of IS. Including those minority peoples across Syria and Iraq who have suffered mass extermination at their hands. The evidence continues to grow of the women and children who have been raped and sold into sex slavery by this wicked group. No excuse can and should ever be made for those involved in these atrocities. They need to be held fully to account for their horrendous crimes, along with all of those who offer them support. The fight against Islamic State is one that needs to be continued with all strength and determination.

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