Illiam Dhone Commemoration 2018 - Mannin (Isle of Man)

Illiam Dhone (14 April 1608 - 02 January 1663) also known as William Christian was a Manx politician and patriot. For his part in the Manx rising of 1651 he was executed by firing squad at Hango Hill in the Isle of Man on 2nd January 1663. Every year there is a commemoration held at Hango Hill, which is an ancient place of execution and is also possibly a prehistoric burial site with an artificial mound. Its name comes from the Norse 'Hanga-Haugr' meaning Gallows Hill. This year Mark Kermode from Mec Vannin the Manx Nationalist Party and Bernard Moffatt from the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League presented the introduction to the Illiam Dhone Commemoration service.

Bernard Moffatt paid a very moving tribute to Roy Kennaugh, who recently passed away and who was an active and prominent member of the national and cultural community on the Isle of Man. This years oration in Manx Gaelic was given by Peter Crellin and the oration in English by historian and author Dr John Callow. John Callow made it clear in his historical assessment of Illiam Dhone, that his legacy should be celebrated and that he should never be regarded as a divisive figure, as is sometimes suggested by those who wish to re-write Manx history. Illiam Dhone remained true to, and in large measure, attained his goals on behalf of the native Manx. His actions preserved the House of Keys, the traditional government and customs of Man, and spared the island from the ravages of war and foreign invasion. In addition, he was prepared to take the consequences of his actions and to die bravely for his beliefs. 

This year's open air ceremony had to contend with the winter storms that had recelty been battering the Irish Sea coasts, but nevertheless it drew a large crowd and the rain held off over the duration of the gathering. It concluded with the laying of a wreath by Eddie Power, who hosts the independent media site Crown Dependency News and the singing of the Manx National Anthem. This was followed by an excellent gathering at the George Hotel in Castletown with a session of traditional Manx music.

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