Heritage mismanagement adds to fury of Cornish protests


4 Mys Du 2017

Heritage mismanagement adds to fury of Cornish protests

As predicted by 'Kernow Matters To Us' less than a week ago, fury has erupted over the National Trust's mismanagement of UNESCO recognised Cornish World Heritage sites in west Cornwall.

This now places the National Trust as joint public enemies in company with fellow charity /quango 'English Heritage' the latter accused of the 'Disneyfication' of Tintagel Castle in their ruthless ambition to milk every tourist cent from the much loved ancient site with the construction of a dubious flyover bridge and other tat. (English Heritage 'Raggedy Man' photograph attached)

Complaint after complaint has been sent to Cornwall Council and even to the ultimate owner of much of Cornwall's unique built heritage, Charles, Duke of Cornwall, himself a developer of commercial sites on green fields across the Duchy, despite falsely proclaiming his environmentally friendly, green credentials.

(Protest against Duke Charles and Cornwall Council photograph attached)

One local commentator described the Duke as having 'more faces than the town clock' when it came to the reality on the ground in Cornwall.

Now the National Trust has been accused of vandalising and desecrating an industrial heritage site in Cornwall which has been used as a filming location for Poldark and have been described in newspaper reports as having " 'desecrated' Poldark death mine to protect health and safety of 'idiot' tourists".

A headline read, "Because of idiots, the National Trust have violated an historic site. Cretins"

As a result of National Trust criminal damage caused to Levant Mine photographs of which were widely distributed by KMTU and others (before and after photographs attached) and which is the location of one of Kernow's worst ever mining disaster in 1919, more and more people are cancelling their memberships which is to be commended and something which we have long been calling for.

One archaeologist remarked, "They merely tell us what they plan to do, and we can either like it or lump it. This is what "consultation" has become, and "English" Heritage are no better. It's become endemic with these people who now consider themselves unaccountable to anybody."

Our aim and that of an increasing number in Cornwall is to see the management of our historic sites and UNESCO recognised heritage brought under the control of a Cornish Heritage organisation and for the National Trust and English Heritage kicked out once and for all.

This call has been made several times to the distant and corrupt cess pit of Westminster, where apparently and according to the London press and media, many elected representatives are sadly preoccupied performing lewd sexual acts, getting drunk at public expense and fiddling expense claims to even care about this issue which is causing open anger in Cornwall. 

Latest Western Morning News coverage of National Trust vandalism can be found here: 


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