Glasgow City Council Adopts Gaelic Language Plan

Scots Gaelic, an official language of Scotland, is in the news this week as the Glasgow City Council have announced a "Four Year Gaelic Language Plan". The plan is in compliance with the Gaelic Language Act of 2005 under which local Councils are required to prepare a plan for promoting and preserving the tongue. This action by the Council will fuel the resurgence of Gaelic in Glasgow and follows up on the announcement earlier this year of plans to open the citys second Gaelic medium primary school.

The Gaelic language Act of 2005 was adopted by the Scottish Parliament on 21st April 2005 and declares:

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to establish a body having functions exercisable with a view to securing the status of the Gaelic language as an official language of Scotland commanding equal respect to the English language, including the functions of preparing a national Gaelic language plan, of requiring certain public authorities to prepare and publish Gaelic language plans in connection with the exercise of their functions and to maintain and implement such plans, and of issuing guidance in relation to Gaelic education.

The following is taken from the Glasgow City Council website announcement of the Gaelic Language Plan: Bailie Aileen Colleran, Executive Member for Communities, said:

The increasing popularity of the Gaelic language has brought with it a heightened interest in the language and culture. The council's Executive Committee has approved a four year plan that will see further development of the Gaelic language in Glasgow. The Gaelic Language Plan 2013 -2017 is the council's second and aims to build on its earlier achievements to bring Gaelic to those who want it, to promote the language and widen its availability.