Dublin Condemned - Cuts Funding For the Celtic Tongue - Donegal Senator Lashes Out

The fate of the Irish language is, at this time, in the hands of a Government that is failing to protect Ireland’s culture. There are bad governments and good governments. Ireland’s....administration falls into the bad category, particularly when it comes to the health of the Irish language. The problem is that the present Irish government has the ability to seriously damage the Irish language before they are consigned to history. – Transceltic’s Eibhlin O’Neill

From Donegal Now:

Donegal Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill has hit out at the Government for cutting capital spending for the Irish Language by €6m next year...Senator Ó Domhnaill says this harsh reduction is a damning indictment to the Government’s commitment to the Irish language.

“The 9% cut for the Irish language is particularly punitive and is indicative of this Government’s disinterest in the language. Regional investment has fallen down the priority list and this week’s announcement will do little to reverse two tier economy.... 


Read the Full Article on this link: http://www.donegalnow.com/news/rural-ireland-left-behind-as-investment-l...

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