Cur twoaie da sterrymyn greiney! (Beware solar storms!)

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Cur twoaie da sterrymyn greiney!

Ga dy vel earish sterrymagh er ve jannoo er yn Ellan er y gherrid, ec y traa cheddin lhisagh shin cur twoaie da ny reddyn oddys ve jeant ec sterrymyn greiney.

Shen coardail rish oayllee-rollageydys ynnydagh Howard Parkin.

Ayns recortys-gaue ashoonagh yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, ta sterrymyn greiney coontit dy ve yn chiarroo vaggyrt smoo gaueagh.

Ta Ynnyd Emshir-Spoar yn Reeriaght Unnanyssit er ny phointeil dy chooney lesh troggal niart y bun-troggalys, as dy chur magh raaueyn mychione doilleeidyn oddys çheet rish.

Foddee eiyrtyssyn traartyssagh çheet rish, kyndagh rish lheid y sterrym bwoalley yn seihll eddin ry-eddin, ta Mnr Parkin gra.

Beware solar storms!

Whilst localised stormy weather has been affecting the Island over the last few days, we should be just as aware of the effects of solar storms.

That's according to local astronomy expert Howard Parkin.

Solar storms are listed as the fourth most serious threat on the national risk register and the UK's Space Weather Operations Centre has been charged with helping build the resilience of infrastructure and issuing warnings of any potential problems.

Mr Parkin says a full-on hit by such a storm can have disastrous consequences on the earth.




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