Cornish Tongue Receives Boost From Language Partnership Announcement

Following on the April 2014 announcement on the finalisation of the Standard Written Form for the Cornish language comes another milestone in the brightening future for the restoration of the Celtic tongue of Cornwall.   The Cornish Language Partnership (MAGA) have announced a collaborative effort with Cornwall College and the Institute of Cornish Studies at Exeter University in the formation of the “Research Network for Cornish" 

MAGA has been in the forefront of efforts to restore the Cornish language and these efforts continue with this latest announcement. The MAGA Partnership includes language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have come together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life.

An abridged version of the text of the announcement is found as follows.  Additonal information can be found on the MAGA website linked below:

Cornwall College, the Institute of Cornish Studies and MAGA have joined together to set up a new research network for Cornish. The network aims to support work on Cornish on an academic level and bring together information on research completed or under way and encourage new initiatives. A conference to launch the network has been organised for 27th and 28th October and a call for papers issued…. Papers and Abstracts to be received by 1st August.

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