Cornish Language Partnership Announces Census of Cornish Speakers - Dydh da. Fatla genes. A wodhes kewsel Kernewek ?

Hello. How are you.  Do you speak Cornish ?

The web site "This is Cornwall" reports that a "census" of Cornish speakers will be conducted now through November 22, 2013 by "MAGA - Cornish Language Partnership". A spokesman for the organisation is quoted as follows: "With no census question (UK Government Census) and no other method of recording usage of the language, we are all groping in the dark for answers. Five years ago MAG conducted a survey which, although not comprehensive, gave us some very useful information. But five years on we feel it is time for a new survey."

 "Aimed at reaching as many people as possible, the questionnaire has been designed to find out how many people know some Cornish, from using just a few words up to and including full fluency.  The survey is simple, short and asks only the basis questions."

Please find the link to "surveymonkey" below.

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