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Congratulations to Bretons in New York who are celebrating 10th anniversary this weekend

Congratulations to BZH Ny Association of Bretons in New York who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this weekend. More information can be seen on the BZH New York website

On Saturday, September 9th they are holding the Annual Garden Pate Henaff Picnic in Central Park, W 86th St Entrance (Southwest of the Reservoir). It is from 12:00pm - 6:00pm, with a Magic Show for kids at 3:00pm. The event is FREE to attend, with Pate Henaff on sale for $5/box + bread.

Scotland celebrated at the Interceltic Festival of Lorient in Brittany 4 - 13 August 2017

The Interceltic Festial of Lorient in Brittany celebrates the culture, music and dance of all of the Celtic nations. Each year a particular nation is honoured and this year it will be Scotland. The festival takes place from the 4th - 13th August and more information can be seen on the Interceltic Festival website.

Breizh Amerika announce 'On The Road Again'! 12 - 20th May 2017

News From Breizh Amerika:

Breizh Amerika Collective, on the road again 
Trombones dream of scenes, the bomb sways, bass and battery resonate into the shaker: cocktail 2017 Breizh Amerika Collective is ready to spring. Warning from imminent tasting. 

The destructive power of the super trawler

News from the Celtic League:

I have documented at length the impact of industrial fishing from Senegal in West Africa to Scandinavia.

Large trawlers literally vacuum the fish sticks in these areas and some of them have the capacity to process hundreds of tonnes of fish per day – they are in effect floating factories.

BZH NY announce - Interceltic Festival in New York

News from Association of Bretons in New York:

Interceltic Festival in New York 

A Fest Noz in the Big Apple

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 

Doors open 6:30pm, Show starts 7:30pm

The Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th St, NYC)

Join us for an unforgettable St. Patrick's day party brought to you by BZH NY and the Lorient Interceltic Festival.

Featuring performances from:

News from Breizh Amerika: "Breizh On The Road.... Again"

News from Breizh Amerika:

Breizh Amerika is an organization that creates, facilitates, promotes, and sponsors cultural and economic projects that strengthen and foster relations and cooperation between the United States of America and the Celtic nation of Brittany.

Film retraçant la tournée des 7 villes américaines du Breizh Amerika Collective

Breton musical work to be performed in Phoenix, Arizona on 20 November

As reported on the Breton website 7SEIZH a musical work sung in Breton is to be performed at the Sounds of the Cathedrals event, on 20 November in Phoenix Arizona, sponsored by Catholic Phoenix. Goulven Airault, choirmaster at the Cathedral Saint-Brieuc, composed "Lux Aeterna" for the program. He drew inspiration from the antiphonal church music of the Requiem Mass and the Breton anthem Kantik ar baradoz.

Brexit : Quelles conséquences sur l’Irlande et sa relation à l’Union européenne ?

News from Breizh-Amerika

Brexit : Quelles conséquences sur l’Irlande et sa relation à l’Union européenne ?


Bugaled Breizh - New information on submarine activity should open way to new French investigation

The Breton trawler Bugaled Breizh sank on January 15, 2004, off Cape Lizard Cornwall, with the loss of the five crew on board. The loss of the Bugaled Breizh remains unresolved with the Breton sailors having a good knowledge of the area in which they were fishing, the ship having apparently sank very quickly, in good weather conditions, no life-raft was launched, and the distress signal was brief, without giving the coordinates. This tragedy appeared similar to other incidents involving fishing vessels that have occurred in the seas around the Celtic coasts. 

Breton Magazine Highlights Issues of Bugaled Breize and Loire-Atlantique

News from the Celtic League:

Breton Magazine Highlights Two Issues That The Celtic League Has Long Campaigned On

Our Breton branch colleague Joss Le Gall reports that two issues that the Celtic League has campaigned on for some time feature in the magazine ‘Bretons’

A history of the disaster that overtook the Motor Fishing Vessel Bugaled Breizh will be covered and the title: "The (french) State lies and despises us" indicates that (as we do) many still believe the full facts are being concealed


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